Creative Productivity: How to Deliver the Best of Both Worlds in Your Job

Creative Productivity: How to Deliver the Best of Both Worlds in Your Job

Some feel that the concepts of creativity and productivity maintain a pugnacious relationship. They believe that time spent envisioning ideas is time wasted. On the other hand, they may believe that racing to meet end goals stifles the creative process, especially with older Americans. Instead of alienating these two important components in your own business, consider how you can develop an appropriate marriage between them.

Allocate Brainstorming and Producing Time

Creative Productivity: How to Deliver the Best of Both Worlds in Your Job

Part of the problem with blending creativity and productivity is that many people spend too much time on one task. While you may not want to schedule the brainstorming sessions to the minute, consider how doing so can help to prevent thinking from impeding upon acting. The next time that you have a project to tackle, schedule a brainstorming session with your team that lasts for an appropriate period of time. Then, move on to the next phase of development.

Work and Create Together

You might think that creating is all about exchanging ideas with one another. While this process plays an important role, you don’t want those ideas to just exist in space. Take out a piece of paper; write the ideas down as everyone is talking. Provide each member of the team with a piece of paper; encourage them to sketch or jot down thoughts as everyone is speaking. These sketches could serve as design plans later, and the words they write may work their way into a new company motto.

Take Notes When Producing

Sometimes, creative ideas come to people when they are producing. However, they do not have the time to talk through those ideas with another individual because they have deadlines to reach before the end of the day. If time permits, allow your employees to write down creative ideas that come into their minds on a notepad when they are working. If they cannot stop to write thoughts, you may want to provide them with a tool that they can speak into. When they have the opportunity to record their creative ideas, they do not have to feel as though the goals for the day are stifling their plans for the future.

Budgeting time to creativity and productivity is an important part of achieving this balance. You also want to take a look at the ways that you can bring creative elements into producing time and productive plans into the time you have allocated for brainstorming and creating.

Chris Burch is an investor of BaubleBar via Burch Creative Capital.

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