Why young business pros dream of working at Google

Why young business pros dream of working at Google

Anytime someone makes a list of the best places to work, Google is a predictable name to make it high on the list. And, of course, when someone talks about “new” corporate culture that inspires creativity and Gets The Most out of their employees, Google’s there too.

So, what’s so great about Google, and what can young entrepreneurs and CEOs learn about that company culture that can be applied on their own to recruit top talent and reach beyond their wildest dreams and ultimate goals? Let’s take a look…

For one thing, Google isn’t just more of the same. They aren’t one of those companies that built their workspace to be just like everyone else. Forget the cubicle farms. They are set up in ways that generate the most of what they need to succeed. As much thought was put into “how” and “where” the people work as what they would be doing.

And then there’s Google’s mix of both moneymakers and moonshots. The company understands the power and the profitability of the grind. Putting out tech that everyone wants and will use … but they also understand the energy created by big ideas and injecting hope into hopeless ideas others think are insane. Sure, they miss some things, but they hit often enough to make it more than worthwhile. More importantly, though, the misses aren’t reviled and denigrated. Sure, consumers didn’t dig Google Glass, but the idea factory just kept churning along without missing a beat.

Now they’re talking about autonomous cars, the internet at incredible speeds, global WiFi, and other exciting “future is now” ideas.

Google also does some practical things well. They recruit heavily and always have a strong presence where the best talent can be found. Sure, that takes money and time, but they invest it because they know there will be return. You may not have the resources Google does, but you can follow that lead on a scalable basis, creating your own top talent funnel.

Young MBAs are chasing money, sure, but they are also chasing a challenge. Can your company offer the best people a challenge worthy of their talents? If so, you could be exactly what they are looking for. Most realize the money will come if they put in the innovative work.

So, what about it: are you willing to do what it takes to target and interest the best talent? Is your business set up to offer them the best environment to do their best work? Will you offer them moonshot opportunities as well as consistently profitable work? These metrics work for Google, and they can work for your business as well.

Chris Burch is an investor of BaubleBar via Burch Creative Capital.

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